Our Services

1.  Legal Work

Assessment of Children and Young People
Assessments and reports are offered in private and public family law cases. Instructions are usually accepted for those cases in which assessment of one or more children in a sibling group is required because of concerns regarding the child’s/children’s development, emotional and psychological well-being, impact of trauma, attachment, and the quality of sibling or of other family relationships.

Family assessments
In addition to the assessment of children in public and private family law, we also offer assessment of parents/caregiving adults, when a family assessment is required. Instructions in this regard usually relate to the attributes of the carers in terms of their own personality and functioning, and the impact this has on their parenting, attachment relationships, family relationships and dynamics, potential for effective intervention and facilitating positive changes to parenting.

2.  Assessment and intervention services

Assessment, as well as formulation and treatment proposals are also provided to families who are worried about their child or young person. In addition, this website provides links to other useful organisations with expertise in child mental health issues, adoption and parenting, as well as other resources and information for young people, parents and carers about a range of psychological issues affecting families, children and young people.

3.  Consultation and supervision

This can be offered on a case by case or regular basis. Requests are accepted in areas relating to child and adolescent mental health; communicating effectively with children; working with family and other systems; attachment issues; parenting and trauma. We also offer peer support, supervision and mentoring services to other child clinical psychologists.

The Process

Court Assessment
The process of assessment for court takes between 2-4 hours with the child (depending upon their age), plus time required for interviews with carers, liaison with other professionals and discussion with the parents. It is usually also necessary to observe contact. Analysing test results can take up to 2 hours. Compiling a written report usually requires a further 4-6 hours for single children, and more time if there are more individuals assessed.

Provisional Booking
Once an enquiry has been received and a provisional date for filing given, we request that the instruction is confirmed in writing within the next ten working days to secure the time slot. Failure to do this may result in the slot being allocated to another matter.

Lead Time
It is usually 12-16 weeks before a piece of work can commence. However there are sometimes occasions when work can be undertaken sooner regarding more urgent referrals.

Cost Estimates
Please use our contact form to request an estimated cost. Please provide an indication of the volume of papers to be read; the number of people (adults/children) to be assessed and the ages of any children; and an indication as to the specific issues the assessment will be required to address.