Vicki Hamilton is a highly experienced Child and Family Clinical Psychologist who has worked with children, their families and carers since 1993, in both NHS and Children’s Services settings.

Since 2005 she has also provided numerous reports for Public and Private Family Law Proceedings.

Who is Vicki Hamilton
    • Public and private family law
    • Assessment of children and families
    • Trauma, mental health, attachment and family relationships
      1. Legal work
      • Assessment and formulation
      • Advice and guidance
      • Intervention
      2. Assessment and intervention services
      • Case by case or ongoing
      • Training
      • Peer support and mentoring
      3. Consultation and supervision
      Legal Work
      Assessments and reports are offered in private and public family law cases... Read more
      Assessment, as well as formulation and treatment proposals are also provided to families... Read more
      This can be offered on a case by case or regular basis. Requests are accepted in areas relating to child and adolescent mental health.
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